I am writing this post for all of my friends and colleagues in Iran and other parts of the world in order to inform them of the latest events in the field of computer games, online payment systems, and E-commerce which are going to happen very soon in Iran. Important events in the fields of online payment and computer games are going to take place in Tehran in the very near future. Payment Iran 2016 is going to be held for 2 days by TerraPinn starting on 22nd, 23rd in Tehran’s Milad Tower for which major regional companies and banks are invited. The purpose of this event is to establish a link between Iran’s banking network and international banks and to create an effective communication in the field of electronic payment. I invite those colleagues of mine who are active in the field of electronic payments to visit this event’s website and if you are interested in participating, please contact me for the information required to make the necessary arrangements with the organizers of this event.

Iran’s banking network is an interconnected one and is called Shetab. All communication activities, transactions between banks and purchasing using ATM cards are managed by this network. The online version of this network is called Shaparak which manages and provides all electronic banking activities. Iran’s banking network is not directly linked to the regional and international banking networks. If you ever needed to connect to this network in order to introduce and sell your digital products in Iran’s market, you could use “AllPays” service which provides a direct link between Iran’s banking networks and international payment systems.

The second important international event will be held by Game Connection in cooperation with IRCG in Tehran on 29th-30th April 2017 called Tehran Game Convention.

The purpose of this event is to expand the developing of Iranian computer games and establish the Iranian game developers and publishers’ effective communication with foreign game developers and publishers. It is expected that this event will be well received by national and regional companies. I invite those colleagues of mine who are active in the field of video games to visiting this event’s website and if you have any questions regarding this event and the Iranian game industry in general, you can ask me directly. Furthermore, you can read this article “Iran’s gaming market, an overview, Such a large market, with a few hurdles still” in order to obtain more information regarding the Iranian game market.

Iran is the second largest computer games market in the Middle East and with respect to the lifting of international sanctions, the emergence of local markets and the growth of digital publishing in Iran, a bright future, and a lucrative market can be predicted for Iranian game developers and publishers.

Iran’s market with a population of 80 million can be a good opportunity for investing, producing and introducing digital products without the presence of important international players, and with regard to the young population of Iran and the large number of engineers and educated people who have a deep passion for Information Technology (IT), a successful future can clearly be foreseen for IT and digital fields.